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Image Inside Job

Inside Job

Release Date 2021-10-22
Runtime 28 minutes
Genres Comedy, Animation
Stars Lizzy Caplan, Clark Duke, Christian Slater, Brett Gelman, John DiMaggio
Directors Alex Hirsch, Shion Takeuchi

For employees of the Deep State, conspiracies aren't just theories — they're fact. And keeping them a secret is a full-time job.

1. Unpresidented


As Reagan prepares to replace the president with a robot, she finds her hard-earned promotion threatened by a clueless but likeable new colleague.

2. Clone Gunman


When an expensive blunder forces budget cuts at Cognito Inc., J.R orders Reagan and Brett to decide which of their co-workers should be fired.

3. Blue Bloods


After a lizard people-related PR disaster, the team must do damage control at the swanky Reptoid Gala, where - to Reagan's dismay - hugs are required.

4. Sex Machina


After Cognito Inc. buys a dating app, Reagan bets her team she can find a boyfriend - and creates a robot version of her perfect match to practice on.

5. The Brettfast Club


Brett hopes to have a blast in the past as the team embarks on a nostalgia-laced mission to a small town that's permanently stuck in the '80s.

6. My Big Flat Earth Wedding


Reagan conspires to keep her dad from finding out about her mom's wedding, while J.R. ropes Brett into a personal mission to help offload his mega-yacht.

7. Ghost Protocol


Reagan sets an elaborate plan in motion to ghost debonair British secret agent who grows to attached after a fling.

8. Buzzkill


Desperate to get some space from her father, Reagan volunteers for a dangerous mission to the moon to make contact with a rogue colony.

9. Mole Hunt


Exciting changes are afoot at Cognito Inc., but first, Reagan and her team must find the mole behind a security breach that could take down the company.

10. Inside Reagan


To find a forgotten password and save Cognito Inc., Reagan goes deep into her mind and accesses memories from her dysfunctional childhood.